Our guiding principles

Our field of activity: Tax law

We focus our energy on tax law and it’s neighbouring areas. Focussing does, however, not prevent us from considering insights from other fields. We appreciate and actively search the collaboration with proven experts from other fields.

Our challenge: Delivering an outstanding performance to the benefit our our clients

Our clients and their interests are at the heart of our activities. We aim at capturing their needs quickly, searching for tailor-made solutions which we will implement accordingly. Ready-made solutions to complex problems are suspicious to us.

We reach the optimal solution with creative ideas, out-of-the box thinking and foresight. What at first seems obvious is often only the first step. We fight for reaching and implementing the objectives set, and we rejoice the successful closure of a project together with our clients.

Successful projects are generally the result of a good teamwork. This is one reason why generally, we work on a project as a team. We consider our clients as being part of the team.

Our products benefit our clients

Achieving client satisfaction is the most important benchmark of our activities. Thus, or products are practice-related, efficient and to be implemented quickly. You may taken for granted the high quality of our products. 

We are well aware of the fact that time matters. However, the wish to achieve results quickly will not lead us to deliver poorly-conceived products. If there is not enough time to achieve a high-quality result, we will not accept such a mandate.

Client satisfaction cannot be achieved without knowing the background and the client’s needs. This is why we keep asking questions.

Our discretion: More than just a question of honor

Within the frame of our activities, clients entrust us with confidential and secret information. We handle this information diligently and protect it as good as possible.

Our actions are sustainable in the long term

Quick succes usually does not lead to sustainable results in the long-term. With our clients, we enter in a long-term relationship built on trust.

Long-term orientation is also based on economic success. Thus, our products have their – appropriate and fair – price. Our personal satisfaction with our work, as well as respecting social and ethical principles, further guarantee sustainable success in the long run.

Our identification: We enjoy our work 

Work is an important part of our live. Our joy for our work enables us to achieve high quality and all our other goals. We live this joy within our team – and in the relationship with our clients